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    Utilities Business Office
    Requesting New Service

    Where do I call to request new utility services?

    For new service, to transfer or disconnect services, or for questions, please call the City's Customer Call Center at 826-2489.

    Press ONE for Utility Services.
    Then, press ONE to pay by phone, TWO for Gas, Water, Wastewater, and Storm Water or THREE for new services

    Call agents will assist you with questions regarding your monthly utility bill, arrange for someone to show you how to read your meter, help you set up new service, and assist you with other needs pertaining to your City of Corpus Christi utilities. You can report a water or gas leak, gas odor, a water main break, a wastewater back-up into the home or yard, or grass clippings being blown into the street. 

    Information on utility accounts also is available through the Utility Business Office website. You can pay your bill online, sign up for e-billing and learn about other payment options, get information on rate schedules and winter averaging, and find out more about meter reading.

    UBO Office
    1st Floor, City Hall
    1201 Leopard Street
    Monday-Thursday: 8am-7pm
    Friday: 8am-5pm




    Utilities Business Office

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