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    Birth Certificates

    Birth Certificates

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    1702 Horne Road, Room 21
    (361) 826-7229, (361) 826-7233, (361) 826-1344

    To obtain a Birth Certificate for someone you must be an immediate family member:

    Parent - Your name must be on the Birth Certificate you are requesting.
    Sibling - You must have the same parents, and provide us with a copy of your birth certificate for verification.
    Grandparent - You must provide a copy of your child's Birth Certificate to show the relationship to the grandchild.
    Spouse - To obtain a Birth Certificate for your spouse, you must provide an ID showing the same last name as your spouse, and a medical or automobile insurance card also showing both names on the card.
    Child - To obtain a Birth Certificate for your parent, we need to verify that their name is on your Birth Certificate.

    For more information or to order a copy of a birth certificate, either online or print and mail, go to the Health District, Vital Records website.  




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