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    Care of Premises

    • To report tall weeds in excess of 12", discarded trash on the premises, sidewalk/curb/or gutter obstruction and dangerous fences, click here.

    Junked Vehicles

    • To report junked vehicles that are inoperable and have an expired registration sticker, click here.


    • To report signs placed on the street post or in the public right of way, click here.

    Illegal Dumping

    • To report illegal dumping in the City, click here.

    Property Maintenance Standards

    • To report structures that are in need of electrical, plumbing, structural, roof or other repairs, click here.

    Unsecured Vacant Buildings

    • To report a structure that is vacant and has unsecured openings, click here.


    • To report auto repairs or oversized commercial vehicles on a residential property, excessive occupancy or any other illegal land use, click here.