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    Water Supply

    Where Does Our Water Come From?

    Corpus Christi's primary water supply is the Choke Canyon / Lake Corpus Christi Reservoir System within the Nueces River Basin. These reservoirs are fed by the Nueces, Frio and Atascosa Rivers. The upper reaches of these rivers flow through the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. During periods of low flow, most of the river flow north of the aquifer is captured by the aquifer, excluding the northern portion of the basin from the reservoirs' watershed.

    Lake Corpus Christi was built in 1958 to improve the water supply yield to the region. The lake contains over 257,260 acre feet of water when full at elevation 94.00 ft. It serves over 450,000 people in the region, which includes serving the cities of Kingsville, Rockport, Odem, Taft and Portland. While we believe that we have a firm yield that can sustain us through dry periods, we are always working on water supply strategies to meet the need of future generations.

    Additional water is supplied through Lake Texana. The Mary Rhodes Pipeline delivers water to the O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant in Corpus Christi.

    Get more information on the Water Department's Supply and Planning website.




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