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    Heavy Brush Collection

    Heavy Brush Collection

    Get current locations and schedules for heavy brush crews on the City web site at .  Click on your area on the map for AUTHORIZED set out times.  The scrolling marquee on the link above indicates where heavy brush crews are located and is updated daily.

    Brush crews service ten (10) areas throughout the city beginning in the Padre Island area and work through the city to North Beach and Annaville. 

    Contact the Customer Call Center at (361) 826-CITY (2489)  for a heavy brush schedule or to obtain information.

    Items Collected by Heavy Brush Collection Crews

    Heavy Brush Crews will pick up the following items:

    • Tree branches/limbs and yard waste.

    • Items cannot be longer than 10 feet and the brush pile cannot be higher than five (5) feet.

    • The largest diameter of a branch cannot exceed two feet.

    • Anything larger than those dimensions must be cut down into a manageable size so that the loader can pick it up.

    Please note that:

    1.    Heavy brush will not be collected if your utility bill is not active.

    2.    Heavy brush will not be collected on vacant lots.

    3.    A notice of setout violation will be issued on any Brush/Bulky items collected outside the AUTHORIZED setout schedule.  An Administrative Fee of $75.00 will be assessed on the customers' utility bill for the setout violation.

    4.    Heavy Brush shall generally be collected in the same location as garbage.
    5.    It may not be set out in the side yard of a residence, if the side yard adjoins an arterial or collector street.
    6.    Heavy Brush should not be placed in the street, gutter, sidewalk, or in a drainage ditch.

    Removal of  "illegally dumped" materials and collection fees are the responsibility of the resident and/or property owner. 

    To  request a Solid Waste Services Guide, call the Customer Call Center at (361) 826-2489.  Visit 
    for more information on heavy brush collection.



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