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    Who checks pawnshops for stolen property?

    Who checks pawnshops for stolen property?

    Many stolen items will end up in a pawn shop at some time or another.  The Police Department checks the items that you report as stolen against the items that are pawned.  The main identifier is a serial number for your stolen item, or any unique markings (damage or marks that you have placed on the item) that is reflected in your report to the police.

    You as a victim can look in a pawn shop for your items.  If you find your item in the pawn shop, say nothing.  Simply go to a phone and call the police dispatcher and have an officer meet you outside of the pawn shop.  Give the officer your case number and describe the item which should already listed in your report to the officer.  He or she will go inside and place a hold on the item(s).  A supplementary report will be generated and a CID detective will be assigned to conduct a follow up investigation.

    If a pawn shop or second hand store buys an item they must report it to the Police Department and hold the item for 20 days before they can sell it.  If a pawnshop gives a loan on an item and the party that pawned it does not redeem it (pick it up) within 60 days, the pawn shop can put it out for sale.  The key times to visit the pawn shops are; 20 days following a sale, and 60 days after your items were stolen.




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